Wedding Dance Lessons

Stewart and Jane can help you prepare for the first dance at your wedding celebrations.

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Liya and Johannes Herrnsdorf
“You may remember the lovely Waltz that you taught us in the summer for our wedding.  We had a good celebration and everything went well. Now, we are just back from Guangzhou (Canton) where we held a second celebration for our Chinese family members that could not make the far journey to Europe, and of course, we danced again. A few pictures are attached.  Thank you so much for teaching us, we received a number of compliments on our opening dance.”




Susan & Paul Bonnar
“Thanks so much for putting the dance routine together for us.  When you first showed us the routine I remember Susan and I looking at each other thinking ‘no way’.  But, after a couple of lessons (and lots of practise at home) we managed to get the dance down to a fine art!  Everyone at the wedding loved the fact that we had put a bit of effort into the dance, they particularly loved the ‘shuffle’.  My Gran also commented that it was the first wedding in a long time (and she is 86) that the happy couple were actually able to dance instead of dragging their feet!”

Susan and Paul Wedding Dance Lessons

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Susan and Paul Bonnar Wedding Dance Lessons


Jane Muir


“First of all, we wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for helping us with our wedding dance choreography.  We would not have coped with all of this without you! 

The dance went fantastically well, and everyone was shocked. So a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE “thank you” for helping to make our day a romantic one .  Don’t know what we would have done without you.”

Jane MuirWedding Dance Lessons

Jane Muir Wedding Dance Lessons

Jennifer Robinson




“Just a quick note to say that our first dance at our wedding on 9th July went really well. Everyone loved it-only problem was my dress, bigger than anticipated meaning poor paul stood on it a few times so small improvisations were made! Thank you for your wonderful and patient teaching, fantastic ideas and brilliant skills passed on. We loved our lessons, something nice to do as a couple in the run up to the big day!
Thanks again and keep up the good work, Mr & Mrs Robinson”

Jennifer Wedding Dance Lessons

Felicity and Christopher

Felicity & Christopher Wedding Dance Lessons


“Thank you again for all your help and encouragement.  We had a wee practice before the wedding and felt we pretty much had a handle on things.  However… when it came to the crunch, we had masses of dress material between us and my shoes kept falling off so unfortunately it was a bit of a shambles!  We did enjoy the lessons though and really appreciated your help.”

Kristina Hansen


“We loved learning to dance with jane and stewart. they were so patient with us and choreographed our entire first dance for our wedding, timed perfectly to the music. We started out knowing nothing about ballroom and ended being able to do lifts and (*a name of a step?*), everyone at our wedding was shocked and impressed, we can’t wait to go back”    
Kristina Hansen Wedding Dance Lessons

Kristina Hansen Wedding Dance Lessons

Verena Ruschmeyer


“We have arrived back to Scotland yesterday ! Our wedding was a great success even though it was so windy!

Well, I have to admit…our first dance was a disaster, we were way to nervous and my dress broke so that the train could not be put up any longer.

We had lots of fun anyway and that was the most important of all! Thanks again for all  your support!”

Damien & Verena Wedding Dance Lessons

Raymond and Kaling

"Being able to actually dance on our wedding day was special, the look on our parents faces was worth all the hard work. We can't thank Stewart and Jane enough. You both made it easy for us and your patience was amazing, thank you for all your help."

Raymond and Kaling

ka ling + raymond Wedding Dance Lessons  ka ling + raymond Wedding Dance Lessons  ka ling + raymond Wedding Dance Lessons

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